I think that the wedding day is one of the most important days in our lives. For this reason, I make sure that not even a moment of this special day is lost and I do everything so that this memory will remain unchanged over time giving the bride and groom all the importance they deserve. I hope that this FAQ will clarify every little doubt on my way to work.

How far in advance do I need to get in touch with you?
Usually I get bookings from six to twelve months before the wedding date. In some cases we have booked dates for over one year, so do not hesitate to contact me even if the date of your wedding is near. You can contact me per email, phone, skype etc. (You will find this info in the category “Contacts” on my website). Describe your requirements so that I can provide you with a detailed answer for your needs.

How do I book for my wedding?
You can contact me and make an appointment to evaluate all the options that I can offer. If you decide that I will be the photographer of your wedding day, you will sign a contract that certifies and guarantees your choices. You will pay approximately 20% of the total cost as a deposit.

Will you come to my wedding?
Surely I will come to your wedding just as surely I’ll need a co-worker who will give me a hand in my work.

How do you work?
A standard service includes the “photo story” during the whole day. The workday includes shooting during the preparation of the bride (and possibly groom) ceremony, the wedding reception, the first dance, cake cutting, etc.
Normally, at your disposal, we are in two, from the preparations to the cutting of the cake (or up to any dances); we work in ambient light, so we do not assemble any annoying lights or flash, all in respect of your wedding and not disturbing an important moment. For any outdoor shots, I like to take pictures that reflect your personality, so I usually do not static or unnatural poses. It will be like a walk with friends.

Do you have any guarantees for the newlyweds?
I am a member of many national and international associations including ANFM (National Association of Wedding Photographers), thus releasing all the guarantees given on the website of the Association (http://www.anfm.it/fotografo.asp?id=1522).

Do you have special requirements for the wedding day?
Not many, however if you have any special requests please do not hesitate to tell me about them. A friend with whom you absolutely want a photo, a distant relative who had come especially for you, you want to immortalize an important speech? You just need to tell me it, I recommend! If the wedding lasts throughout the day then we would need to eat something! No matter that it is the whole meal. We just need something so that we do not collapse on the most beautiful.
Finally I want to mention that the report cannot guarantee the presence of all the people present at the wedding in your pictures. This is impossible. So if you want to be photographed with some particular person ask me in advance. I will be happy to fulfill your wishes.

What is your way of working?
It is not easy to explain my “photographic style”, but I hope to be fairly exhaustive. I make exclusively Wedding Photojournalism. This type of shooting does not include poses, but tries to tell, in the most natural and spontaneous way, all the aspects of your wonderful day. I do not love to “drive” your day, which must be exclusively and totally yours and not of your photographer. I always try to be as tactful as possible, to remain behind the scenes, and to be as invisible as possible in order to tell the story of your wedding by my shots. Believe me; there is no more beautiful story that yours.
I like to work quietly and discreetly, without distorting what in point of fact happens. The goal is to capture all the emotions and all the atmosphere of the most beautiful day of your life. I compare my services to a good novel; in a few words I’ll do the “photo story” of your wedding. I believe that the task of us photographers is just working without disturbing in any way the reality and what is going to happen during that day. Being a photographer means being in current, on the banks of the river, to observe, to be focused, to live in the present, to be creative and to be able to be in the right place at the right time, to be the instrument that allows people to see, to be their eyes and their ears, to be the page on which to write the story, to be the light of someone’s eyes. It gives me endless joy to think that every time I snap a picture, I can “stop the time” and can give a bit of my feelings, a bit of my soul and of my thoughts, but mostly I like to think that I make the best job in the world!
Photography is a state of mind. To be lived intensely, it must be lived with passion.

Do you customize your photography to the needs of the customer?
It depends on the type of work required. I would be happy if you chose me for my photos and do not try to mold me to stylistic demands too far out of my way to see the wedding photography.

Your photos of reportage are very nice. I noticed that you do not “retouch” wrinkles, hips or anything like that … I always look bad in photos. Could you make a little “retouch” in this direction?
Absolutely not! The report is the real mirror of the day. It is impossible to streamline a person or remove a wrinkle if the wrinkle is there. It would be impossible for me as well to change the camera angle to capture the “best side” … it is NOT a fashion shoot! So, if you want to see pictures of your wedding day in which you look beautiful, skinny, wrinkle-free, even if you do not have these features, I believe that you need a fashion photographer and not a reportage photographer. If you think that you look bad in photos it is certainly better to choose a good photographer with posed style: You choose the report because you love and appreciated the genre.

Where do you work?
If you like my photos is not a problem for me to move. I work all around Italy and abroad. I can say that I will work in any place where my passion for photography will drive me.

Do you request a transfer if you move?
Not really a transfer. I just need travel and living expenses and, in case of necessity, an overnight stay at a hotel of your choice. This will allow us to leave the day before and to be fresh and rested for your most important day. It is different if the transfer takes longer periods during the weekend. In that case we will evaluate together.

I have seen weddings on your blog and it’s amazing that so many things happen … everyone smiles and is happy. Are you so good to grasp certain moments or are weddings really that funny?
The reportage is closely related to what really happens. It is impossible, even for the most careful photographer, to photograph what does not exist. The particularly exciting weddings that you can see on my blog, or on that of other colleagues, were really full of events. Of course the photographer makes the difference. He must be able to anticipate and to “catch them” in his shot. If nothing happens I honestly cannot do much. So, dear guys, you and your guests have to help me! You should make happen a lot in order to build your unique and emotional story.

Are the locations so important to the success of the photographs?
It would be hypocritical to say no. Location means for me all the places where you will live your day. For example, the preparing of a bride in a small and dark room, certainly cannot allow me to take pictures of a high standard. No one could. Space and light are two basic elements (in addition to what actually happens, as explained in the previous answer) in order to bring home photos of the highest level. Always keep in mind this combination whenever it is possible.

Can you give us some advice for the video?
In our photo studio we also have the video department, so we can provide this service. If you are not interested in the video service of our studio, there are a few considerations that I want to suggest: Based on the various experiences I realized that there are some fundamental characteristics that the videographer should have to be able to allow me to do my job in the best way. Obviously, these considerations are made just if you choose me as a photographer, and I’m assuming that you keep in particular considering the possibility to make me work and express myself to the fullest. Video operators with camera on the shoulder (90’ years style) with “big light” on (absolutely unfeasible) and, even worse, lamps in the church or in other situations. Such things are totally incompatible with the way I shoot. The reportage is not a type of planned photography, is a moment caught in a fraction of a second, and the photographer should not have sudden changes in light, lamp type cameras or other “elements” of disturb. Moreover, the natural light that our camera equipment uses to capture in any condition is the best for us. In other words, we cannot do, as someone told me, “a little to one”. This was (and still is) made in classic and posed weddings, but it is not my case.
In my opinion, the videographer should work only with “reflex” and make some “wedding cinema” (not the old “home movie “). He must always be one step behind or next to the reportage photographer and tell and place the photographer in the history too. It should also never use hideous artificial light sources (with the obsolete cameras that today many still use is not possible). Personally, if you want to have a video service, external to our photo studio, we recommend some videographers who I admire and who I think are really good. If you choose on your own make sure that the operator complies with the requirements described above. Otherwise, before I make a photographic service that will not meet my quality standards, without any doubt I prefer to give up your wedding. Obviously in the event that a relative, a friend or at least a person invited to the wedding makes the video, no speech or advice is valid!! One of this people is an integral part of the story and therefore is perfectly free to shoot a video.

The pictures I’ve seen on your website are all made by you or also by your co-workers?
There is no picture on my website that has not been designed, performed and produced exclusively by me. The staff helps me and makes its shots but I will never put them on my site, no matter how beautiful they are. It is a matter of fairness to you, so that you can really estimate my photographer skills. It is different on the blog where the need to tell a complete story, requires also photos made by my co-workers. The style of my co-workers is absolutely similar to mine.

How much will I spend for my wedding?
It’s very difficult to establish a price in advance because every wedding is different and, consequently, the customer’s demands and needs are different. So I invite you to contact me, after viewing my work and have assessed that my way of telling the marriage is right for you, to talk in detail of the economic aspect.

How long will I wait for the delivery? Who chooses the pictures?
The choice of pictures is made exclusively by me because I simply think that I’m the “writer” of the story and not the characters. Usually, after about maximum 18 weeks, I’ll be able to deliver your wedding on magnetic media. If you choose the album, we can watch together the complete paginating and if necessary, we make together the modifications you require. After your paginating confirmation I will need about 15 days for printing, binding, etc …

Can I choose the traditional album or a photo book?
I safely work with both. Of course in my studios you will find a wide selection of traditional albums or photo books. You can also choose the type of print that meets your tastes most. You can also choose a fantastic album with traditional prints on fine-art paper (on high quality cotton paper) printed at a workshop. In truth it is very simplistic to define them traditional albums. They are perhaps similar to items of furniture. A marvel, you should see them.

We live far away from your workplace. We do not live in Italy; can you send us the album?
Yes, via express courier. The cost is 50 euro for Italy, 100 euro for Europe and 150 euro for the USA. For all other destinations, the cost is 200 euro.

If I forgot something or you have any question, please use the contact form (contacts). It’s always better to make one more question than just having a doubt.



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