The photograph is a state of mind. To be lived intensely, it must be lived with passion.
After all, the big picture is nothing more than this: my soul, my hopes!

I was born in 1975, and as soon as I popped the first teeth I start to breathe photography in my family’s photo studio. I became a Professional Photographer specialized in Reportage at the Higher Institute of Photography in Rome. I have a long series of work experience under my belt that I’ve gained over many years of photography. In these years, as well as producing many works, I have won several awards of national and international level. I work with my co-workers and a team of professional photographers making photographic services throughout Italy and abroad. I assiduously participate in several workshops held by the most famous photographers in the world, because I believe there is always more to learn, and that the daily comparison will make us grow day after day.

Often a lot of people ask me: “Which is the best photo you’ve ever done”? And my answer is always the same: “the one I will take tomorrow”. I’m always looking for something that pushes me to do this wonderful job and makes me love it with all my soul. It gives me endless joy to think that every time I take a picture it’s like I can “stop the time”, I can give a bit of my feelings, of my soul and of my thoughts. But mostly I like to think that I do the best job in the world!



siena . montecarlo . cosenza
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photo by fortunato caracciolo
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